Scoop Stretcher Contraindications

Scoop Stretcher Contraindications
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scoop stretcher contraindications:


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First-Aid DevicesAluminium alloy&plastic

Available for aluminum alloy folding scoop stretcher



MTS1 scoop stretcher is made of aluminum alloy and engineering plastic. The length of the stretcher can be adjusted at will. The thermal material does not make the patient feel too hot or too cold, and the surface is easy to clean, preventing liquid from penetrating and allowing X-rays to pass through.


A hinged clutch device is arranged at both ends of the stretcher to separate the stretcher into two parts; the patient is quickly placed in the stretcher and transported to the operating table or the hospital bed without moving the patient, and then the stretcher is pulled out from the patient's body. . The length of the stretcher can be adjusted freely according to the length of the patient.

Precautions for use:

1. Before using the shovel-type stretcher to carry the wounded, first check the life signs and injured parts of the injured person, and check whether the injured person's head, spine and chest are injured according to the injury, especially if the cervical vertebra is damaged.

2. Must be prepared before handling, properly handle the wounded, first of all to ensure that the wounded's respiratory tract is smooth, so as to avoid the occurrence of suffocation, and then stop the wounded, bandaged, fixed. After handling, it can be handled

3. Before the personnel, shovel stretchers, etc. are not ready, it is forbidden to carry the wounded. When transporting overweight or unconscious casualties, consider all aspects to prevent accidents such as falling and falling during handling.