M-ST01 OEM Made Fire Fighting Safety Tripod For Emergency Rescue

The Safety Tripod is mainly used for rescue operations in high altitude, cliff and confined space, such as underground pipe, shaft, cesspit, closed container etc. Widely used by firefighting, municipal administration mining etc rescue insitution.

Product Details

M-ST01 OEM Made Fire Fighting Safety Tripod for Emergency Rescue

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 ____rescue tripod____ 


Products Features:

 - It consists of main parts, sling, capstan, and protection chains.
 - Be made of durable super light aluminum alloy, adjustable legs, safety factor more than 10.
 - Automatic lock capstan for rising and falling, to protect sling work.
 - The cable of sling is made of stainless steel, good tenacity and rust proof.
 - Convenient combination is suitable to fix at the well and pit mouth. Out of the limit of the ground  unevenness.

Products Presentation:

1. The rescue tripod  usually is  used for narrow space, easy to use, durable and lightweight. Steel casting head durable,
2. high-strength aluminum alloy feet and legs. 
3. Easy to carry and store, with a rubber-soled foot reinforced friction
4. force so as to provide better stability on the ground, the anchor strength more than 10Kn is equipped with moving.
5.side plate pulleys, steel hook-and-loop with a 20-meter winch used to drop.
6.Products with equipment package is convenient to carry.

Max. Opening Distance of Blades > 28mm 
Rated Working pressure :63Mpa
High quality and using long time