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When The First Buoy In The World Invented

Jan 14, 2017

Lifebuoy refers to a water rescue equipment, usually made of Cork, foam or some other smaller proportion of light material, coated canvas, plastic, etc. Life preserver for swim practice to use can also be made from rubber, filled with air, also known as rubber bands.
Originates from the gourd when the buoy is in distress in the water on which the survival of a tool. Summer swim, for security reasons, people often like to take a life preserver, and beginner swimmers prefer to accompany it, is familiar with the water sailors out to sea but in each lifeboat on the ship. Past it was felt that a life preserver was introduced into China from Europe and America, in fact, the life buoy is a Chinese invention.
As early as two thousand or three thousand years ago, China had a "life preserver", that is, dried gourd. The book says: "Huang, Feng (' with ') River", according to Mr Guo's explanation that "calabash River." Also says in the book of songs "bitter leaves, Chai has deep implications", Mr Wen will this recorded in the book of songs translated as: "leaves, gourds dry, can choose for waist and boat use. "We think that these two lines mean, holding a withered gourd, can float on the surface of the body, do not drown. This hoist is the source of life-saving equipment. Later, ships while at sea, most with gourds for safekeeping. This shows that ancient Chinese people use dried gourd floating across the River, this is the most primitive life preserver.
To has song, buoy of making method greatly forward has a step, was began with soft quality wood, and Reed, prepared into a ring objects, let people can drilling to, makes ring supporting live people of body, this ring of buoy using up to than gourd melon convenient have more, was into has real of lifesaving "circle" has, song people called "floating ring". According to a copy of the song and Barnyard kind book: anti name Han Shizhong of the Song dynasty had sent the Department of Jinshan against the Crown, before Han Shizhong ordered him not to cross with the ship to avoid being discovered by the enemy. So King gave each soldier made a circle made of a cork float ring and let them float ring tied at the waist, take the crossing. Soldiers led by the Royal River, Jin not knowing, taken by surprise and annihilated. Floating ring used by the Crown at the time was the predecessor of modern life preserver.
Even in modern times, with the application of new technologies, new materials, life-saving devices have emerged: the life raft, life jackets, everything complete. But life preserver, a traditional equipment still being used, it is still the most simple life-saving tools. Navigation Shi, seafarers are still put buoy put in such as ship deck fine most conspicuous of place, and in buoy Shang finishing has red white two species color, some high level of buoy Shang also with since bright floating lamp, such regardless of is day also is night, drowning people by at of location are is easy identification, rescue of vessels will can track logo, quickly to accident locations, put and waves wrestling of drowning people saved up