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Swim Ring Does Not Mean A Life Preserver Choices Need To Be Cautious

Jan 14, 2017

Hot summer days, many people choose to swim as a way cool.
Many people could not swim, and children like to take a swim ring, to ensure public safety. However, the swim during swim ring broken from time to time, and sold on the market for swimming, there are "three noes" products.
It is understood that swimming is a kind of inflatable water toys, according to the regulations for compulsory product certification, toy products 3C certification requirements. Under the People's Republic of China product quality law, sell the product must have a Chinese name and Chinese address, telephone number, license number, production date, product brochures and other Chinese, or are considered to be substandard products.
Although many people confuse these swimming laps, and a life preserver, but in fact, they are two different products. Swim ring belongs to water toys, can only play a supporting or protective effects, Sham Shui Po, or when natural rivers, seas, dangerous.
Swim ring compared to the real life preserver, too lightweight, it is difficult to throw, and the pressure difference and easily damaged leak, if used improperly, might also pose a potential risk. Lifebuoy is a water rescue equipment, in order to facilitate and safeguard relief, more complex production processes, requirements more stringent. In addition, swimming laps is shelf life, normally handles security in general life span is two or three years, time to swim laps, even if there is no damage, can not be used.
When you buy a swim ring, first of all, to watch the swimming factory name, address, date of production is complete, hands feel around a certain thickness and, secondly, also smooth the seams, and so try to buy thicker material for swimming, do not buy "three noes" products.