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Summer Old Matters Needing Attention

Jan 14, 2017

Too soon. Two should not be empty. The three should not be exposed. Four is not stress. Five not urgent. Six is not a single, early spring, morning low temperatures, dense mist. After the early home, sudden cold in the body susceptible to colds or asthma, "old slow", would also make the exacerbations of pulmonary heart disease, the elderly should go out in the Sun after exercise. Old slow metabolism, blood flow is relatively slow in the morning, low body temperature. Morning hot drink before, such as milk, eggs, soup, coffee, cereal, to add moisture, increase heat and accelerate blood circulation morning outdoor activity, to choose a sheltered sunny, warm and quiet, fresh air and open fields, parks and lawns, do not run against, not to mention the stripping naked workout. Older people physically weak, poor adaptation, way to exercise by walking, jogging, sword, qigong, medical gymnastics, etc, must exercise to lose, step by step, easy to strenuous exercise-induced heart and lung diseases. For the elderly after early morning muscle relaxation, ligament stiff, uncoordinated limbs function, exercise should be gently before activity body, twisting their waist and joints to prevent exercise-induced sudden accident. Cardio-cerebral vascular accident-prone elderly, exercise better companions. Serious organs such as liver and kidney disease, to sports under the guidance of a doctor, shorter time, the intensity must be smaller.