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Improved Multifunctional First-aid Stretcher Cart

Jan 14, 2017

Emergency transport of patients is related to an important part of access to timely and effective treatment of acute and serious illness. In the system of the emergency transfer of patients, in addition to the first-aid personnel's qualities, but also with simple operation and excellent performance of first-aid equipment. Perfect for people injured in the first-aid system for emergencies or unexpected patient, its role is self-evident. For emergency work in the first link, from the scene to the hospital's patient transfer process, common shipping tools are mainly hand-carried stretchers and ambulances, but this first-aid stretcher in carrying patients not only numerous physical needs, but also cumbersome and out of ambulances, even delaying the rescue time. Emergency transport of patients also have very high requirements on the transportation process and quality transportation, you can save a lot of time, and these valuable time can be saved the lives of many people on the other, in the course of transport, high demands on its smoothness, unbalanced transport processes, may cause the patient's illness. Use ordinary hand-carried on the ambulance Gurney, no longer meet the need. Therefore, must have a simple operation and excellent first aid stretcher to compensate for these shortcomings.
In recent years. Both at home and abroad have developed a number of ambulance first aid stretcher cart, which can be kept easily directly under the one man operation into an ambulance. This aid can be used when the stretcher the stretcher in the Plains, when entering the ambulance directly, no need to transporting patients automatically folds into a Gurney. On Twitter automatically folding tripod, and then through the connected device on the ambulance stretcher ambulances was quickly fixed. However, the main features basic first aid stretcher is pushed directly into, in transit from the patient in the event of the floor not usual. This stretcher without spooling. Vibration may increase the patient's condition, even as the ground is not suitable for wheels, and resulting consequences cannot be diverted. In addition, the stretcher is usually not set infusion support. Detrimental to the rescue in transit in the far distance. The above problems based on existing General first-aid stretcher cart, there is a need for ambulance first aid stretcher for the overall design, Kan-emergency stretcher with superior function.
In order to overcome the above shortcomings of existing first-aid stretcher cart, improved stretcher functions presented here are as follows:
(1) proceed to push the stretcher/hand-carried portable and can be easily reached just 1 ambulance personnel directly onto the ambulance patients. And under 1 to operate a folding stretcher can be foot locks. Feasts are hand-carried stretcher function. And the ingenious stretcher structure, easy to operate;
(2) 4 feet are equipped with anti-vibration device, in transit, and can alleviate the suffering of the sick and wounded and to prevent the condition worsened;
(3) equipped with a retractable infusion support in order to solve the problem of emergency medical personnel with the infusion bottle. And fold as without infusion stand, no prejudice to the work.