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Folding The Main Advantages Of Multi-functional Field First-aid Stretcher

Jan 14, 2017

Activity panels, connecting bars, telescoping pole required folding
Folding stretcher after there is only a fixed size, the equivalent of a small suitcase, and is very convenient to carry.
Light weight
Connecting rod, telescopic pole, movable partitions, stationary materials using modern aluminum-plastic material, durable and anticorrosive anti-moth function, and has a reliable resistance and weight load function.
IV stand can rotate around the axis
Normally when not in use can be placed and fixed to the side of the lift rod, pulling when using go to perpendicular to the rod and drawer spring infusion fixed on the lifting Rod out of the ear canal. Infusion can freely adjust the length, can also be used as rack (such as night-time emergency lighting fixtures with emergency lights, or flashlights, can serve as mosquito nets in the summer).
Inflatable air bags usually do not
Immediately available when needed inflatable, floating on the water of life-saving valve can also be filled with oxygen for the treatment of patients; inflatable pillow or acts as a shock-absorbing cushion etc.
Lockers are available in emergency medicine, equipment and items
Convenient field ambulance and patient access to primary care such as splints for fracture fixation nets raincoat for protection, portable Pocket pump use to emergency inflatable balloon.
Hanging pulley and belt can be implemented
For evacuation of the sick and wounded people is low, individual push patients to their destinations.
Blocked ears to play the role of fixed pulley
In the process of evacuation of wounded, ambulances and other vehicles to meet a slope, blocked ear fixed pulley below the stretcher can avoid scrolling back and forth to ensure patient safety.