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Commonly Used To Carry The Casualty Stretcher And Method Of Use

Jan 14, 2017

1, lifting a stretcher, wheel stretcher for ambulance stretcher equipped at present, in line with the indications, patient-friendly and the wounded lying down. Stretcher weight heavier when handling effort.
2, scoop stretcher spade stretcher is made up by around two aluminum plates. When carrying the wounded, first place the casualty in the supine, fixed neck, then insert back around two pieces from the wounded side of the stretcher, buckled after handling.
3, negative pressure air-cushion fixed stretcher using negative pressure air-pad fixed stretcher handling multiple fractures and spinal injury victim's best tools. Inflatable pads can be properly secured and the wounded body. Used to inflate the cushion after paving, the wounded inside the pad, taking the air bag, air hardened, while the wounded were firmly fixed in it, and in handling the way always remained stable.
4, basket stretcher is also called "stretcher Board" common on the market in two different types: aluminum alloy type; synthetic resin type; its shape with similar names, like a "boat". Handling when trapped, trapped within stretcher, stretcher surrounded by "projection" edges with flat belt will be stuck on the front of staff "closed" on the stretcher inside. Do not shift stretcher (such as flipping, shaking) and trapped people out of the stretcher. Behind the security, there are some catches. If trapped fat and tied on the front of the flat belt too tight and time is too long, can easily cause trapped chest discomfort, choking. North American fire trapped people died due to improper disposal of basket stretcher cases known as "iron coffin" (early basket stretcher for aluminum). Basket stretcher
Volume 5, stretcher, also called "multifunction stretcher", like a basket stretcher in use, but lighter in weight (8 to 12 kg) and can roll on the drum, or carry in a backpack. Its raw materials are of special synthetic resins and corrosion resistance, is usually orange. Market volume on a stretcher for Jiangsu, Zhejiang ranking similar products like Japan and South Korea. Fire fighting industry in North America, will be trapped due to improper operation of rescue workers killed in the stretcher inside a volume called "shroud" (early volumes high strength canvas stretcher is made of).
6. basic rescue stretcher sizes: stretcher bed can be adjusted according to the actual operational requirements of leaning forward or backward state. bed backrest to lock the pneumatic spring support, can be adjusted stepless around the 0-60. configuration before and after fixation, the stretcher is installed in niches can be locked on ambulance stretchers