Swimming Pool Rescue Pole

Swimming Pool Rescue Pole
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Product Description:

The swimming pool rescue pole is used for life-saving equipment used in swimming pool rescue. When people is drowning near the swimming pool, and the rescue hook can be used to quickly hook the drowning person for rescue.

Our swimming pool rescue pole is made from heavy duty anodized aluminum and can be used for any type of water rescue. This swimming pool rescue pole is vital to lifeguards and water rescuers. It has the advantages of lightweight, easy to use, high quality, and reasonably priced.


Product Name: Swimming pool rescue pole

Function: Helps personnel to remove from swimming pools or other hazardous areas.

Material: Made of heavy duty anodized aluminum. Includes poles.

Size: 550x550x600mm

Option: with adjustable pole


1. The aluminum alloy life-saving rescue pole has a beautiful appearance, is durable and does not deform.

2. Designed for safe stretching and rescue in a pool environment.

3. The round hook design allows rescuers to catch the swimmer.

4. Perfectly combined with the telescopic rod, it is easy to use and saves time.

5. Comes with a butterfly button for all pars without anything else.

6. Suitable for swimming pools, water parks, seaside, yachts, etc.