Burnside Buoy

* Product Name:Burnside buoy
* Material: HDPE
* Floatage: >150N
* Bear weight: ≤150KG
* Feature: Not broken falling from the height of 4meters

Product Details

Product Description:

Burnside buoy is a lifesaving device for water rescue. This flotation device can help support the weight of victims and rescuers, making rescue easier. It is an important part of the equipment that lifeguards must carry. It can also be used as an identification tag to identify an individual as a person waiting to be rescued.

The Burnside buoy is attached to the belt worn by the rescuer via a rope. This allows them to swim while towing the buoy and the victim. The Burnside buoy can also be connected to a fixed mobile device, which allows  rescuers to pull victims back to shore. It is made of vinyl and has enough buoyancy to support the entire weight of the rescuer and several victims.




Packing Size (1PCS)


Product size


Packing Size(4PCS)


Bear weight≤150KGFeaturesNot broken falling from the height of 4 meters


1. The color is orange.

2. Allow rescuers to help multiple victims.

3. This rescue can be done by rotational molding.

4. Impact resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, long service life, etc.

5. A reasonable design can load two people at the same time.

6. Suitable for beach rescue, swimming and water safety protection.