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Stretcher transport the wounded attention

Jan 14, 2017

Daily life, due to accidents, natural disasters disaster, food poisoning, gas poisoning, heart attacks and other accidents caused physical damage, if each of us can master the basic knowledge of first aid, is likely to buy us rescue time is 120, save a life. Stretcher transport injured people need to pay attention to what you do?
The wounded onto stretchers method: two bearers kneel down with your right leg, one hand holding the victim's head and shoulders, one hand holding the casualty's waist; another person hand holds victim's pelvic, one hand holding the wounded knee.
Wounded awake, and upper limb no injured Shi, available hand hook live by head side stretcher member of neck, another one stretcher Member while rose to, will wounded light Yu stretcher Shang, will stretcher Shang of strap buckle good; to stretcher Shang move spine fracture of wounded Shi, should by 3~4 people with move, a people specialize in head of traction fixed, makes its head keep and torso into line of location, maintained neck not moving. Remaining 3 people squat in wounded of with side, two people supporting live torso, a people supporting live lower limb, together rose to, will wounded light in stretcher Shang; on waist chest wounded to by 3~4 people handling, are squat in wounded of side, a people supporting live shoulder, a people supporting live waist and hip, another a people supporting live straight and together of two lower limb, while rose to put wounded put in hard quality stretcher Shang. If a person handling, should also be done from the side into a chest and pelvis, with care to the wounded on stretchers.
Wounded in stretcher Shang of position: injured, and in the degrees injury, and chest injury with breathing difficult of should take half lying bit; on brain injury, and jaw surface injury and the general anesthesia of wounded, should makes its head steering side, case its tongue Hou shrink caused choking; cervical fracture wounded should take supine bit, and in neck decentralization a small pillow, for prevent head around swing, to has padded or sandbags fixed in sides.
The wounded en route must turn once every half hour, paraplegia and burn injuries, available when you turn a soft pair of stretchers covering the top and belt fastened, and then wounded turn in one direction. Injured after flipping, you want to massage the protruding part of the skin. Travel, should enable the wounded head on back, feet in the front, in order to observe the victim's facial expression, face and breath.
Transport the wounded with the infusion tubing, infusion bottle, there must be a nurse escorts. Nurse's mission is primarily to conserve the infusion tubing and catheter, and watched the wounded facial expressions and movements. In cold conditions needed for transporting the wounded on stretchers to keep warm, hot-water bottle and military water bottles packaged hot water placed in a quilt. During the night carrying the wounded during the rainy season, should cover the ponchos, rain wet the wounded. Hot conditions carrying the wounded, wounded from the Sun should be avoided in order to prevent heat stroke. Transit would continuously observe the casualty's condition changes to compression bandage to stop bleeding bleeding more. For severe pain and abdominal injuries of the wounded be given analgesics, sober and no gastrointestinal injury casualty may give lukewarm water to drink. Long distance transportation, you should adjust the bandage and fixtures, assisting the wounded defecation, eating, or rolling over. Wounded to fidget, used bandages tied its hands and feet, preventing their removal of the pipe, remove the dressing, and prevents it from rolling down a stretcher.
When the wounded off the stretcher bearers under arm from the wounded body of the lateral, first carried on the injured, wounded from stretchers and then moves it to the bed.