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Heart pressing method

Jan 14, 2017

Manual chest compressions when standing or kneeling simulated cardiopulmonary resuscitation can be on either side of the body. Press parts press parts in principle is sternum Xia half paragraph, with touch neck artery of food, and middle finger together, middle finger fingertips along simulation people near himself side of rib bow Xia margin, up sliding to sides rib bow intersection at positioning, that sternum body and sword bursting connection at; another a Palm roots put in sternum Middle Shang, and touch to positioning of index finger; then again will positioning hand of Palm roots put in another hand of hand Shang, makes two Palm root overlap; Palm and finger left chest wall, finger cross phase buckle. Or a nipple Palm root point and two wires overlap midpoint, middle finger long axis parallel to the nipple line or two line overlaps another Palm root on their hands with fingers Interlocked.

Patient supine, unlock the collar, Chin carried by up method the airway opening. The rescuer in the left side of the patient. Cardiac compression methods in order to press his left hand close to the roots, right hand Palms overlap on the left, all the fingers from the chest wall. The rescuer's arms should be straight and shoulders is over the patient's chest, push straight down. Pressed to obtain a rule cannot be interrupted, not impact hard pressure, under pressure with roughly equal time to relax. Pressing depth General requirements of 5cm, actually based on patient body available, pressing touchable to the carotid arteries. Chest Compressions at the same time, at the same time to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. When only one person rescued, start mouth-to-mouth and cardiopulmonary resuscitation immediately about every press 4 to 5 times, counterpart breath once, when every mouth-to-mouth, requires the same amount of pressure. Cardiac compression force should not be too hard to prevent rib fractures or other internal injuries. If patients go in the pink, breathing heart recovery, can feel the pulse, the pupil back to normal, rescuing a triumph.