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Effective CPR criteria

Jan 13, 2017

CPR correct operation, mainly by peacetime training, master correct methods. Recovery in emergency small judgment is valid, can be considered according to the following aspects:
1. Recovery of the pupil is effective, pupils change from big to small, light appeared. Such as pupil 7LA small to large, fixed, clouding of the cornea. Then the recovery is not valid.
2. Pack (LIP) recovery effective and visible face and/or lips by the group to red if bread becomes gray test in patients with that recovery is not valid.
3. Carotid artery pulsation by wind force, can touch to a beating every pressing, stop pressing, beating disappears, should continue to be carried out cardiac massage. If after you stop pressing, pulse is still beating, then patients heart beat has been restored. Side-effect, dE pressure measured during the press at around 60/40 Lady Hg.
4. Consciousness recovery and effective, can be seen in patients with eye movements, Eyelash reflex and the light appears, even hands and feet began to twitch, muscle tension increases.
5. Spontaneous breathing appeared spontaneous breathing recovery is valid, but weak should still continue to mouth breathing were but a breathing or other respiratory support.