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Drowning rescue points

Jan 14, 2017

1, drowned out of the water and ashore as soon as possible. Immediately cry out, let those around us to help emergency call 120.
2, the drowned man held after coming ashore, drowning man hung upside down, dump the water within the respiratory tract. Hug drowning from the back and abdomen, waist and back, head and foot drop and shake, or drowning victims placed on the slope on the back, head and foot high, and squeeze its rib repeatedly asked, as soon as the water discharged into the respiratory tract, airway. Then immediately cleared the dirt of the oral cavity, pharynx and larynx, nasal cavity, loosen collars, buttons, underwear, belts and so on.
3, judge the drowned life signs, closely observe the drowned man's breathing and pulse, once found breathing heartbeat and to decisive implementation of CPR. Is mouth-to-mouth, the second is the chest compressions.
4, artificial respiration mouth-to-mouth breathing is the most commonly used method, Lockjaw can also be taken by mouth and nose breathing. CPR first aid does not give up easily. If you are in a coma, can stimulate, hegu, springs and other first aid points.
5, in the first aid at the same time, it should quickly call 120 call, hospitalized with severe drowned rescuing and observe. Emergency aware of drowning, to keep warm and close observation and prevention of pulmonary infection and the occurrence of complications.