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Drowning first-aid measures

Jan 14, 2017

First aid for drowning, you must race against time. Not in xishui, drowning, don't panic, rapid and self-help: head back, mouth up, try to keep your mouth and nose out of the water, breathing, can't lift his hand or struggling, so as not to make the body sinking. Swimmers such as muscle fatigue, muscle cramps or above should be taken to save itself. Ambulance drowning must be calm, try to take off their clothes, shoes, boots, swim quickly to the near drowning, sights, from its left arm with his left hand or hold their right in the middle of the body, or head, and then back to the shore. If the ambulance is not a good swimmer, with life preservers, life jacket or plastic foam plates, wood, be careful not to be saddled with drowning man clinging to avoid involving themselves. Drowning were rescued immediately after clearing sediment contamination in the nose and mouth, pull the tongue out, keep the airway open. If there is heart beat, breathing, may be drowning in prone position, head, belly pad, press the water back from the lungs, the stomach.

Drowning rescue method is:
1, saving a knee, the other knee, drowning abdominal transverse in the ambulance on the knees and thighs, hang your head, pressing after his back, stomach and lung water poured out.
2, such as breathing, heartbeat, immediate rescue breathing and chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth breathing, tracheal intubation, oxygen and other.
3, after the above must be sent to the hospital immediately after the rescue continued to recover after treatment.

Drowning is the body submerged in water, respiratory blockage or laryngeal spasms caused by water choke disease. Drowning can have a lot of water, silt, debris through the mouth, nose and into the lungs, can cause airway obstruction, hypoxia and coma and death. Common after drowning whole body edema, cyanosis, and hyperemia eyes, nose and mouth filled with bloody foam, sediment or algae, foot and Palm skin wrinkled and pale, cold extremities, stupor, Mydriasis, bilateral lung rales, labored breathing, heart sound is low and irregular, a drop in blood pressure, stomach water expansion. Restoring possible pneumonia, pulmonary abscess. Drown the whole process very quickly, often in 4-5 or 5-6 death within minutes.

Breathing methods to carefully observe the breathing and heartbeat, heart-stopping, doing CPR right away, and try to allow patients to spit. Diving is easy to cause fracture of the cervical spine and spinal cord injury, limb paralysis, respiratory paralysis occurs, they should immediately call an ambulance. Drowning rescue on shore, immediately check the heartbeat and respiration of drowning, if breathing is stopped, mouth-to-mouth rescue immediately. When rescuers can while standing in water, hands holding the drowned man's neck, mouth blown four consecutive tones, observed drowning within 5 seconds of chest, abdomen, and see if there is any reaction. Also available on the cheek in the drowned man mouth feel there is any spontaneous breathing, if there is no response, then blew four tones. If breathing and pulse came to a full stop, heart and lung resuscitation.