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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation when it

Jan 13, 2017

Heart lung recovery, is a rescue various reasons caused of heart beats sudden stopped of emergency technology, and heart beats sudden stopped is refers to various reasons caused of, and in failed to is expected to of situation and time within heart suddenly stop beat, to led to effective heart pump function and effective cycle suddenly suspended, caused body organization cell serious deficiency blood, and hypoxia and metabolism obstacles, as not timely rescue can immediately lost life. Sudden cardiac arrest is different from any chronic end-stage cardiac arrest, if correct and effective recovery measures in a timely manner, have the potential to save the lives of patients and recovery.
When will use it?
CPR to save cardiac arrest patients only when faced with sudden cardiac arrest patients will use it. So how do we judge whether patients with sudden cardiac arrest is a very important step.
Heart beats sudden stopped of recognition General does not difficult, most reliable and appeared more early of clinical signs is consciousness suddenly lost and artery beat disappeared (General number seconds to number 10 seconds on can appeared above symptoms), General forced beat patients shoulder and loud shout to judge consciousness whether exists, to index finger and middle finger touch neck artery (in Adam's Apple sides, you now on can touch feel about) to feel has no beat, if both are not exists, on can made heart beats sudden stopped of diagnosis, and should immediately implementation preliminary emergency and recovery ( General time of 5-8 seconds, no more than 10 seconds). Because the technology of the time of the urgent need, so don't waste too much time on the judgment.
Should pay special attention to is that prior to the implementation of the CPR, you need to keep yourself safe, for example, is caused shock in patients with sudden cardiac arrest, don't forget to cut off the power supply, or the scene of the accident, do not forget to let patients and you out can cause secondary injury risk.