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Boiling water burn should take measures

Jan 14, 2017

Water burns in daily in the is common, skin burns common, especially summer, as thermos of blasting or was knocked, rushed water Shi each other collided, children in kitchen in play led to boiling water burns, or children in bath Shi errors into not competing temperature of hot tub; most badly of is in high pressure pot burn Cook rice porridge or mung bean soup Shi for steam valve failure and caused serious of facial steam burns. In case of Burns, first of all, don't panic, don't be too quick to remove close-fitting thin clothes such as shirts, stockings, immediately rinse with cold water. Cooling only after carefully underwear comes off, so as not to tear burns after the formation of blisters. Rinse designed to relieve pain, reduce leakage, and swollen, so as to avoid or reduce the blisters to form. Wash time is about half an hour or more, to stop the flushing do not feel the pain so far. Do not use ice water, so as to avoid frostbite. If burnt fingers, cold water bath can also be used. Parts of the face, unable to wash or bath available ice.

Current patients the most effective way to burn or use elastic clothing pressure using six months to a year in a row, were reduced to a minimum by the degree of scarring. After the three stages of processing, scars can usually deal with one of the best State. Your present situation is preventing and treating infections. Burn process if you want to wash saline solution is better. After the cold water dry wound, then thinly coated a blue oil, green ointment, ointment, such as drugs, dressing for a few days, to prevent blisters. But only without dressing. If blisters form the available sterilized needle aspiration or cut a small hole out of the water liquid; if the blister has broken the dry with a sterile cotton ball, to keep dry, impossible to fluid accumulation into blocks.

Scald cream penetrates relatively strong, therefore we suggest using the deep wound. During this period of two or three-week recovery period, be careful not to let the wound filled with water. If the affected area is on foot, hospitalized a week after, it is recommended that patients take their foot elevation, reducing walking without pain. If the pain of some painkillers, or a little ice, lowering the temperature at the wound, pain reduction. Between burns and scar healing time is the most important, if we can heal in about two weeks, 70% will not leave a scar. If more than three weeks, most still have scars. So what is the third stage burn scars. After scalding do not use gentian violet or mercurochrome coated paint so as not to effect changes in wound healing after injury. Widespread or severe burns after family emergency care shall be immediately sent to the hospital.