Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets

Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets
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Product Details

Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets Details:

TypeFirst-Aid Devices
MaterialsAluminium foil and mylar
Standard Size1.3*2.1m&1.6*2.1m
Sampleavailable for free
OEMAvailable for poly foam emergency blanket
Printing LOGOavailable


The Emergency Mylar Thermal Blanket is a blanket which has the advantages of wide area, good thermal insulation or cold insulation performance,and fully waterproof.It is fully capable of meeting the needs of field activities, as a tent cloth to prevent wet and cold contact with the body; as a tent cover, It can provide an extra barrier during the hot summer or cold winter. Because the silver coating can reflect heat, the summer sun can cover the reflective film under the hot sun, so that the account can be kept cool, the cold winter camping, the tent cover This reflective film can be reflected back to most of the body's heat and returned to the tent to improve the temperature inside the tent. International emergency emergency rescue essentials.

Application areas:

1. Emergency services, applications ranging from ocean to mountain rescue, evacuation and rescue of civil disasters, etc.

2. Outdoor sports

3. Cars and field work

4. Military


1. Waterproof

2. Prevent hypothermia from reacting;

3. The reflected light on the surface can make the target obvious and easy to rescue;

4. Effectively reflect sunlight and heat in a hot climate to maintain body temperature;

5. Space material design can maintain 90% of human body temperature;

6. Emergency auxiliary materials after accidents (vehicle standing emergency: can be laid on the ground during maintenance, thus preventing pollution and waterproof);

7. When camping or picnic, you can use a moisture pad, and rain can be a raincoat.