CPR Mouth Mask with One Way Valve

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CPR Mouth Mask with One Way Valve

Material: Latex-free
Foldable Cushion Mask With Oxygen Port, 
One-way Valve, 
Disposable Filter, Elastic Head Strap
Function: The Cpr Mask Is Designed To Provide Protection 
For Rescuer When Manually Resuscitating 
Patients. It Used By Adults, Children And Infants.

Always Keep Mask In Storage Case When Not In Use. 
Storage Temperature: -45°C ~ 71°C
Storage Relative Humidity:< 85%

Dimensions: (122mm X 106mm X 46mm) 
Expiratory Resistance: 2.0 Cmh2o (at 50 L/min)
Inspiratory Resistance: 3.5 Cmh2o ( At 50 L/min)
Operation Temperature: -45°C~ 60°C
Size: Adult, Child